Pink Bourbon Barrel Blend Coffee Beans

Pink Bourbon Barrel Blend Coffee Beans

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While Pink Bourbon sounds more like a drink Doc Holliday would order (Val Kilmer's version, not the real life one), it's actually a unique coffee variety. This coffee is a hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon (pronounced Bour-bonne, not like the booze, but for the sake of our Tombstone inspired bourbon barrel imagery, just say it however you want!).

Not only is Pink Bourbon a unique and fascinating coffee (and oh so delicious), it also possesses a high resistance to common coffee plant diseases, so it is a great crop for producers to grow!

ORIGIN:  Colombia

FARM: Various producers from San Agustin region: Alejandro Ortega, Augusto Ortega, Angel Ortega, Genaro Burbano, Pastor Ordonez, Miguel Ordonez

LOCATION: San Agustin, Huila

ALTITUDE: 1680-1830 masl

VARIETY: Pink Bourbon


Whole bean, 340g

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